STRETCHING: Extending our body and its possibilities!

EstiramientoAn essential part of any training or physical activity is the Stretching.

Body Stretch or Stretching is a technique based on a series of gentle and maintained exercises, as well as different postures that prepare the muscles for greater effort or to increase the range of motion of joints. Its goal is to stretch, open and relax different muscle and body areas, involving them entirely and exerting a small but sustained pressure in different parts of the same.

We should clarify that the stretching, when done correctly, should not generate any pain. The correct way to stretch is doing relaxed and sustained movements, paying special attention to the muscles you are working. The stretching is incorrectly performed when it generates reciprocating movements or forces the muscle to an extent that generates pain. We must be very aware in this regard.

Por qué hacer Estiramientos

It is also important that we differentiate physical warming and stretching: physical warming activates the muscles and the mind through a series of not very intense but sudden movements while stretching is what get muscles ready for warming and subsequent activities, recovering them from the same just later. Both, stretching and warming work hand in hand and are required for any physical activity.

Whenever we stretch we must be extremely careful with our breathing. This will help us to maximize the benefits of stretching, so it should be mild, rhythmic and controlled. We must be very careful that any tension is not generated when stretched, as it affects our breathing and therefore the stretching.

Bennefits of Stetching

Finally, among the benefits of stretching to health we can mention: it increases the handset range, the endurance and the muscle length; it promotes muscle flexibility, elasticity and mobility; it decreases the amount of lactic acid in the muscles, which relieves the tensions and aches; it improves the coordination between the protagonists and antagonist muscles of the body; it prevents body numbness after exercise; it helps facilitating the movements and the balance; it prevents and improves injuries and joint pains; and it also improves muscle oxygenation and speeds, as well as develops body awareness.

From Valtrum invite you to listen to your body when you make a stretching work, so you can make the most of it, both for your mind and for your body. A wellbeing condition is possible. Breathing and stretching will always be a great help to get it.

Have a nice week and See you next time!