COLD WEATHER TRAINING: Preparing our mind and our body!

Cold Weather TrainingCold Weather Training involves preparing a set of conditions for our body to respond effectively to the physical activity we are performing. While it is true that the human body naturally adapts to different climates and that cold weather always favors training much more than hot weather, it is also true that the adaptive processes of the body changes during the exercise at low temperatures, modifying muscle and respiratory response of our body. Therefore, we must be aware of the sensitivity of the process.

In Cold Weather training we are prolonged exposed to low temperatures, which enter the body through the skin affecting organs and tissues. This makes the process of body cooling get accelerated, and the flow of blood through the muscles get slower, affecting inevitably our strength and our performance.

That is why in cold weather training our goals should be primarily: maintain as maximum as we can the body heat, protect waterways and respiratory organs from the cold, and finally protect our muscles from sudden temperature changes that may create a contractions or spasms.

Cold Weather Training

The best we can do if we choose cold weather training is to follow some very simple guidelines and common sense:

– We must isolate the skin surface using thermal sportswear that best enable us to maintain body heat.

– We must also protect the airways, especially covering mouth and neck with scarves, balaclavas, etc., so that the least amount of cold air get to the body.

– We should try to breathe through the nose, so we can warm the air we breathe and make breathing more deeply and efficiently.

– We must give special importance to the warming before training, making it longer, more intense and more effective, and always before going outside so that our body gets ready to do the extra effort to be done at low temperatures.

– It is important to quickly take off the wet clothes at the end of training to prevent cold sweat pass to the muscles and injure it.

We must not neglect hydration and moderate intake of carbohydrates in order to attend the metabolic demands of the body in extremely cold climates.

Cold Weather Training

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and training in cold weather is possible. It only requires us to take special awareness of our health, climate conditions and our actual physical and personal conditions. From Valtrum we invite you to try it. With the right kit and precautions it will be an enriching experience!.

Have a Nice Week and See you next Time!