DIET AND CHRISTMAS: A Matter of Self-control!

ValtrumDiet and Christmas are terms that at first sight seem to be completely decoupled. The fact is that we usually associate the holidays with these wonderful meals and dinners which allow us to share with family and friends the festive atmosphere of this time of year.

However, with a little self-discipline and control, as well as following certain guidelines, we can make diet and Christmas go and work together. It is simply a matter of eating smartly and still enjoy the beautiful moments and delicious meals this season.


Here are some tips for maintaining diet and Christmas together:

Let’s plan the meals: this involves on one hand cooking only for the day avoiding fattening leftovers for later days, and on the other hand monitoring the before and after meals to a special holiday meal that we know will be more caloric, so that these are lighter and smaller quantities.

Let´s choose: at the time of the actual holiday meal, prefer light starters, ask for vegetables as a side dish without abusing of sauces and vinaigrettes, for the main course choose fish and shellfish that are less caloric than meat, and finally choose fruit or homemade pastries for dessert.

Beware of Alcoholic Beverages: these are often highly caloric, so they should be taken with moderation. Save them only for the toast, and for the rest prefer water or other “diet” beverages.

From the good, little and slowly: We can eat everything at Christmas but always in moderate proportions, trying not to fill the plate more than we usually do it. It is also very important to eat slowly and chew food thoroughly to calm anxieties. The typical festivities goodies (nougat, marzipan, shortbread, etc.) should be eaten only on punctual moments, not after, no matter how good they are.

Try to make 3 meals a day: Regardless that we have made a very strong food, is very important for metabolism and for maintaining a good health to keep the routine of three meals a day, making them very light.

Beware the Cold Temperature after eating: the contact with the cold weather after a heavy meal can cause cuts in digestion. We must wear warm clothes and not catch cold immediately after eating.


From Valtrum we invite you to enjoy Christmas delights in moderation. Diet and Christmas work wonderfully well together, and if we ordered our food and our social life, we can spend a pleasant and rich holiday in the company of our loved ones. Everything depends on you and you can get it!

Have a Nice Week and See you next Time!