TRAINING AFTER HOLIDAYS: Surviving the Christmas Excesses!

Training after HolidaysTraining after holidays is crucial to retake our daily routine after all those days of rest, good eating and inactivity that we have been going through on vacation.

However, this training after holidays should be done with awareness and gradually, and this is something that in our desire to return to our routine we forget, demanding too much and too abruptly from our body with consequences such as injuries, extreme exhaustion, etc.

The main argument when we do this is usually that “the muscle has memory” and while this is true, it doesn´t have it immediately. It is necessary to remind it its possibilities gradually so that we can maximize the benefits of the activity to do and can recover the physical levels we had before the holidays.

Training after the Holidays

To make training after holidays, in addition to patience and conscious work, we should simply follow some simple guidelines:

Let´s strengthen the warm ups and stretches: after several days of inactivity, our muscles need a deeper activation, so pay more attention to their pre and post-exercise preparation, which  will help stimulate the circulation and improve our physical performance significantly.

Let´s work Adjustment Routines: we can´t ask our body to respond to pre-holiday levels in one stroke. Experts recommend working with simpler, less intense and small circuit routines, so that all parts of the body get gradually toned, facilitating and expediting the process of muscle acclimatization. It is good to do for several days.

Let´s return to diet and hydration: after the excesses of Christmas, it is essential to recover the healthy eating habits, lowering the intake of carbohydrates and fats and increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables. It will also help a lot in this process to consume plenty of water and natural juices.

Training After Holidays

After a few days of rest and fun everything returns to normal, and training after holidays will help us achieve this. From Valtrum we invite you to retake each day with enthusiasm, in a gradually way and being aware that with patience and hard work we can achieve all our goals!.

See you Next Time!