EMOTIONS AND ELDERLY: Creating a new Perspective!

Emotions and ElderlyEmotions and elderly are two terms that go hand in hand when we approach to the end of our life cycle. We know that emotions affect the psychological well-being of our elders, and in this sense it is necessary learn to manage them so we can guarantee us healthy aging.

Emotions and elderly play a critical role in our adult emotional intelligence, and they significantly influence our physical and psychological health. In order to achieve and maintain a high level psychological well-being in old age must work on three important aspects:

  • First, Acceptance. Accepting the own cycle of life with their emotional changes, as well as our present moment In life, without question and comparing our lives with the lives of others, fully aware of all that we have been and done, unapologetic and valuing our best intentions is essential. This will allow us depart from a healthy emotional foundation upon which we can build a new scheme of life after retirement and facing old age.
  • On the other hand, we must work in our state of psycho-emotional well: stay active within our own age limitations (exercise, socialize, etc.); ask “new and achievable” challenges with a logical sense and consistent with our condition (training, fun activities, etc.); and develop our own ability to enjoy the simple things in life, trying to think less about our inner conflicts and enjoy the happy moments that life gives us.
  • And finally learn to manage our loneliness. While the company is critical in managing emotions and elderly, it is also true that we cannot always rely on family and friends because they won´t always be with us. That´s why we must learn to enjoy our own company, relaxing our mind with activities that distract us and enrich our spirit as reading, music, etc. Working on and developing simple but important daily routines will be very helpful.

How to handle emotions in elderly

With age will inevitably come a series of emotional factors such insecurities, diseases that affect our daily lives, lack of professional activity, and gradual or circumstantial loss of family and friends. It is a reality for which we must be prepared. But if we find a way to anticipate these situations we can prepare ourselves emotionally to cope with them in a better and healthier way.

Emotions and Elderly go together in the integral development of the human being, and well managed, this can be a wonderful lifetime. From Valtrum we invite you to prepare your way for a healthy maturity, conscious and especially valuing the full life you’ve lived that makes you an exceptional being. A healthy and happy old age is possible. You can get it.!

Have a Nice Week and See you next time!