TAI CHI: Passive Motion, effective training!!

Benefits of Tai ChiTai Chi is an ancient Chinese physical discipline that has transcended our days with all his might and splendor, permeating positively in men and women of all ages. It is based on a series of continuous, circular, smooth, relaxed and precise movements that seek to stimulate the circulation of internal energy through the meridians of the body. That is why it is known as “meditation in motion”.

Tai Chi aims to help people maintain healthy while controlling and managing a high self-defense technique, thereby it increases vitality and longevity favoring life. Don´t forget that Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art, so its defense techniques are oriented to work the mind-body balance and develop a deep understanding of oneself.

Practice of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is often confused with Yoga because of its spiritual character. However they are very different: the Tai Chi is a low impact martial art, of Chinese origin, that works erect postures with feet and body support, where the connection to the mind is the basis of physical work and that requires instructions for its execution (interactive work); while the Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that combines breath-exercise-meditation, working postures erect and soil where the arms are the main support of the body, and which seeks to connect body-mind-spirit. It may be performed individually or collectively, and it is not necessarily an interactive activity.

The success of Tai Chi is mainly in the fact that it doesn´t specifically demands having a physical or muscle conditions for its execution, so that men and women of any age can practice it at any point in their lives. As a sport, Tai Chi requires only minimal mobility, and works very positive elements such as dynamic equilibrium (physical and psychological), self-discipline and self-control, and improved movement, breathing and strength.

The Benefits of Tai Chi for health are numerous: Stimulates self-control and balance, strengthens the nervous system, stimulates concentration and thinking, helps digestion, balances the immune system, promotes muscle tone and flexibility, develops skills to stay calm, promotes coordination between the two sides of the body, stimulates creativity and positive energy, improves athletic performance and self-esteem, helps you sleep better, relieves chronic pain, and finally generates a general sense of wellbeing and harmony . For all these qualities, Tai Chi is highly recommended for people with attention problems, attitude or mood, seniors and people with asthma or allergies.

Why practice Tai Chi

From Valtrum, we invite you to experience the many possibilities that Tai Chi may offer to your health in a physical and spiritual level. It´s the perfect activity for those who want to work a deep, quiet and highly effective training!.

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