Training Adducts and calvesTraining Adducts and Calves is an important activity of muscle training in all of us. The legs are a fundamental part of our body, and keeping them strong and fortified is fundamental. While it is true that men and women work their legs for different reasons (Men: looking for size and strength. Women: looking firmness and tone), the fact is that we can´t conceive our physical workout without exercising our legs.

However, when training adducts and calves we tend to make some mistakes. The first of them is not working them separately and with detail in the leg workout, but include it as part of an overall leg work covering all areas of the same (quadriceps, hamstrings, adductors, calves and buttocks). Being very specific parts and with very specific needs, leg training should be divided by zones, planning our routines so that we can work one each day, giving special attention to train adducts and calves.

Adducts and Calves

Adducts are often the forgotten. These muscles, located on the inner thighs, are very important as they assist the stabilization of the pelvis and reduce the risk of problems associated to the incorrect position of the spine, significantly increasing the leg strength overall, so we must pay special attention to them. Adducts exercises consist on bringing the leg toward the center of the body with some resistance, which is what strengthens the muscle gradually. They are usually performed with special machines that allow varying the load weight. They can also be made with low pulley, standing, leaning on one leg, and lifting some weight. And we can finally work adducts also by lying on the ground placing different weights on our ankles.

Training Adducts

On the other side, Calves are usually the muscles that generate obsession. It is a muscular leg area that takes a long time to be lathed, being very hard to develop. This happens because as the lower body, is an area that supports our daily body weight, so it has greater endurance and stamina that makes it resistant to training. In some cases, genetic predisposition and body size also matters. The point is to train calves, we must work with high loads in varied routines and exercises, also with explosive movements (different jumps) that take the muscle off guard, forcing to react and generating its toning. In any case, it’s a hard muscular area that deserves patience and hard work.

Training Calves

As we can see, training adducts and calves besides having an aesthetic purpose, plays a vital function for our body posture and overall physical strength. From Valtrum we invite you to do so with patience and perseverance, to obtain the best results. It will bring great benefits to you!.

Have a Nice Week and See you Next Time!