Color and EmotionsEmotional contribution of Color is something that is already part of contemporary life. Many scientists, doctors and therapists agree that the color has properties that affect our mood and our energy levels, as well as it helps us to better relate with our environment and reveals our personality traits.

Given the importance of the emotional contribution of color in our lives, we must include it strategically in our spaces and our clothes, so that its properties help us improve and enhance positive emotions and mood states. Remember that we perceive colors through the senses unconsciously, and knowing how to incorporate it into our daily lives will be very beneficial to our growth, especially when present problems of anxiety, depression, etc.

Color in our clothes

Color in our spaces

Within this context, there have emerged alternative specializations such as Chromo therapy, which helps the natural healing of certain diseases through the use of colors, bringing great benefits when combined with other medicines. According to this specialty, these would be the psycho-emotional contributions of some colors:

Red is an energizing color, which stimulates the action, so it is suitable for all types of paralysis and passive states, as well as to activate the mind and all organs in general.

Orange is a color to release, relax and leave, with a powerful liberating action, very important in depressive patterns, ideal for releasing mental and brain functions combining physical energy and mental wisdom. A color highly recommended for seniors.

Yellow is an inspiring color that stimulates our left brain and superior mind, so it is ideal for people with learning disabilities or excessive sedentary patterns.

Green is the color of fluidity and relaxation, which brings harmony and calm. We can tell it is a painkiller color, and for chromo therapists is also the color of the joints.

Blue is a cooling, sedative and astringent color, so it is ideal for calming people.

And finally the Violet is a very important color to work meditation, intuition and inspiration.

We must include color in our lives. The Emotional contribution of color is essential for our healthy development, its influence on our physical sensations and emotional reactions is key for a healthy living. From Valtrum we invite you to fill your spaces and your clothes with color, fill your life with it energizing influence.

Color in our lives

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