DAY CENTERS: Alternatives for a Happy Elderly!

Day Centers for ElderlyDay Centers are an interesting alternative for seniors who are in a situation of reduced autonomy (with some degree of physical or cognitive impairment, or any sensory or mobility disabilities). As we always say, having a happy and hopeful elderly is possible, as long as we find ways to do so.

Day Centers are facilities designed for seniors, specialized in the prevention, treatment and care of the elderly needs with professional staff. Where then is the innovation? In that, as some parents do with their children, taking them to day care during the day and picking them up at night to go home, day centers function as its name implies, during “daytime”, allowing our senior enjoy recreation and medical care during the day, returning home at night, so that they don´t get fully dissociate from their environment.

Day Centers are of great value both for families and for seniors:

Seniors find in day centers a space for recreation and socializing, which also serve their medical needs individually, improving their quality of life and slowing the signs of aging.

The family, meanwhile, finds a way to release the stress and responsibility that comes with caring for an older adult in a healthy and fun way for the senior, which allows the family to have better control of its time, dedicating it to work and personal affairs, leaving their seniors in the best hands.

Activities for the Elderly

Day Centers offer preventive health care, personal care and monitoring of the senior, all based on the needs of each patient. Among the professional profiles that work on these centers we can mention doctors, nurses, geriatric assistants, physiotherapists, psychologists, neurologists, educators and social workers.

Some of the activities that our seniors can make in Day Centers are: workshops, lectures, crafts, motor and mental agility therapy, excursions, courses, rehabilitation, physiotherapy, alternative therapies (music therapy, laughter therapy, therapy with dogs, etc.) and some extras such as hairdressing, podiatry, treatment of Alzheimer’s, dining room and cafeteria. All activities aimed to make seniors learn new things, relearn the forgotten ones, socialize and entertain themselves.

Happy Elderly

From Valtrum we invite you to give your seniors the best quality of life you can afford, and in this respect the Day Centers are an interesting alternative, the perfect blend of fun, comfort and functionality at your fingertips. Investigate in your community, and encourage yourself to live a plenty and happy life.

Have a nice week and See you next time!!