ALLERGIES: Our Defenses against the Allergens!

AllergiesAllergies have become a permanent part in the life of man, and during the spring, a factor of significant importance and great effects in everyday life that we need to learn to control in order to maintain our health and normalcy of our activities.

But let’s start by understanding the phenomenon: Allergies are exaggerated responses of our immune system when it gets in contact with certain substances called allergens. The most known are: the pollen of some plants (grasses, olive, Cupressaceae, plane tree, and parietaria); the environmental fungi that release spores causing allergic symptoms related to asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis; dust mites, which are microscopic insects that develop in humid and warm environment; epithelia of some animals (dogs, cats, horses and rodents); the poison secreted by the bite of certain insects (mainly bees); and finally some food (usually milk, eggs, shellfish, wheat, nuts, peanuts, chocolate and soy).

Allergens and allergies

Allergies are manifested through a number of symptoms, which, although they are not serious, they are very annoying and can get very complicated if we don´t attack them in time. These symptoms are a number of reactions that occur upon contact with the allergen in question, either by direct contact through the skin, mucous membranes, ingestion or inhalation. Minor symptoms go from itching through the skin redness, watery, itchy eyes and sneezing. Severe symptoms may lead to respiratory difficulty, the malfunction of the heart, drop in blood pressure and anaphylaxis.

The most important in the case of Allergies is to detect which is the allergen that generates them, and according to this, give proper treatment and reduce or completely eliminate contact with the allergen, thereby accelerating the improvement. The diagnosis is usually made in two ways: either through a blood sample, or through the RAST skin test measuring blood levels of IgE antibodies of specific allergen, helping to diagnose allergic reactions.

Allergy´s treatment

To treat Allergies we have a number of alternatives: in terms of general medicine, the most common treatment is based on antihistamine medication or the Allergen immunotherapy, a series of injections that work like a vaccine to gradually desensitize the reaction to the allergen. As for alternative medicine, interesting results have been obtained through the treatment of allergies with acupuncture and homeopathy. It’s a matter of choosing the kind of treatment that best suits our situation and lifestyle.

Allergy treatments

From Valtrum we are aware of how Allergies can affect the lives of people, so we invite you to treat them on time, with awareness and perseverance, choosing the medicine (general or natural) that greater benefits can bring to your health. Everything is valid to achieve quality of life and the wellbeing state you deserve.

Have a Nice Week and See you Next Time!