TRAINING WITH BIKE: A happy and healthy aletrnative!

Training with a bikeTraining with Bike is one of the most beneficial physical activities to our overall health. While we start doing it thinking basically in getting beautiful legs or enjoy the social context involved to biking, the fact is that we end hooked to the bike because it gives us full of happiness.

Training with Bike can be done in two ways: either through a stationary bicycle, located at home or in a gym. Or through what we call “bikes in Movement” in its forms of mountain bike or city bike, allowing us to move through beautiful landscapes, and incorporate this activity to our daily life.

In all its forms, numerous studies have shown that training with bike is one of the most complete physical activities thanks to the way it work and benefit our back, joints, circulatory system, heart and brain.

Let´s delve a little on the benefits of training with bike: it is an important cardiovascular exercise, which strengthens the heart, reducing the chances of heart attack by 50%. It exercises Upper extremity (chest, back and shoulders) and lower extremity (thighs, buttocks and calves) of the body; It oxygenates the brain, releasing endorphins and providing an immediate and powerful sense of wellbeing; It stimulates the dorsal vertebrae and strengthens the back muscles and lower back; It also strengthens the immune system; And finally it strengthens abdominal area and protects the knees
Mountain Bike

Static Bike

However, when training with bike, we must take into account some important considerations: it is essential to adapt the intensity, duration and type of bike (static, mountain or city) to our objectives, age, physical condition and state of health. We also need to be careful of maintaining a good posture while riding a bike, in order to avoid injury. And finally, we should try to maintain a cadence of 70 RPM with a moderate load, so that our back is protected and especially our knees, avoiding unnecessary and harmful rebounds.

As for the time that we use to train with bike, it is good to do it in an inter daily way, two or three times a week, and we have many possibilities: with 10 minutes of training we will notice the improvement of muscles, joint and blood flow; with 20 minutes we will be strengthening the immune system; with 30 minutes, we will activate the functions of the heart; with 40 minutes we will notice a significant cardiovascular improvement; with 50 minutes we will be speeding up the metabolism; and finally if we train with bike during 60 minutes, it will activate fat metabolism, weight control, stress releasing and will get a general sense of wellbeing.


From Valtrum we invite you to experience the many benefits that train with bike can bring to your health. It’s a fun, healthy and social activity that will allow you to improve your quality of life. Go ahead and give wheels to your life with health and fitness!!.

Have a nice week and See you next time!