ECOLOGICAL FOOD: Discovering its Qualities!

Ecological FoodEcological food has become a benchmark of modern life and society. Loved by some and questioned by others, the truth is that we must know its qualities and possibilities in order to expand our food horizons and benefit to our health.

Ecological Food, also known as organic food or biological food, is composed by a number of products obtained or processed naturally without artificial elements, respecting the environment in which they occur and with two objectives: in one hand to help the care of the environment, and on the other to provide consumers with food free of artificial substances (pesticides, preservatives, etc.).

The main products of ecological food are fruits, vegetables, eggs and milk, but we can also find ecologically produced raw materials as oil, flour, cocoa, honey, salt, etc., that result in ecological products such as soft drinks, desserts, candy, etc.

Ecological Products

As for the benefits of ecological food, we can recognize that their flavors and aromas are much more real and also that they are made in better sanitary conditions. However there is no evidence that they are nutritionally better. As for cons, ecological food is more expensive than normal, so it is less common to find, and so far has penetrated deeply into a very limited profile of consumers, mainly people who have an ecological and environmental consciousness highly developed and a medium-high purchasing power.

Qualities of Ecological Food

Production processes of ecological food deserve special mention, which are precisely the ones that make it more expensive. Organic Farming for example works with lands free of pesticides and other chemicals, without using any type of genetic modification, protecting and respecting the land regeneration cycles. Organic Raising respects animals and the environment in which they grow, using non-organic feed, without giving animals any medication to stimulate growth, and allowing them to live and grow in free environments, free of fertilizers.

Biological Food

From Valtrum, we invite you to look at ecological food without prejudice and as a health alternative. It´s good to try everything we can to improve our quality of life, as long as it is affordable and good to our state of wellbeing. In this context, ecological food is an interesting option that modern and contemporary life offers us. Let´s take advantage of it!.

Have a nice week and See you next time!!