Post Vacation StressThe Post Vacation Stress is part of modern life for people everywhere in the world. Our hectic pace of life, in contrast to the state of relax and disconnection we get in vacation periods, makes the transition from one to another becomes difficult to manage emotionally and physically, bringing serious consequences to our health that we shouldn´t take lightly.

As we know, stress is generally a natural process of adaptation to the demands of the environment that translates in physical, mental and behavioral responses to attend those demands. The Post Vacation Stress then is the process of stress we face to re-adapt to the obligations (work, family and personal) and the lifestyle we had, after a period of vacation or rest.

Post Vacation Stress Syndrome

Work and routine as stress factors involve an effort in retaking schedules, in keeping the focus on specific tasks and taking responsibilities. Given these elements and after a period of calm and disconnection, our body responds, but generating a series of symptomatic responses as tiredness, bad mood, lack of motivation, drowsiness, anxiety, insecurity, worry and heaviness in general, all clear symptoms of Post Vacation Stress. Experts suggest that if these feelings last longer than fifteen days after returning from vacation, we must take medical care.

The important thing is to get over it, thinking that this a transient state that corresponds to a process of adaptation, considering that as it occurs it will eventually finish, and we will be able to recover the activity and enthusiasm.

Post Vacation Stress depression

Some tips to overcome the Post Vacation Stress are: starting our routine gradually and possibly with the more pleasing activities; use lunch breaks for mental disengagement from work; try to sleep 8 hours a day (it will help us to recover lost energy); leave work and concerns in the office once we get out of it; organize and prioritize time efficiently; if possible try not to obsess about the problems and recurrent negative thoughts; reinforce positive attitudes of life (a smile, friendliness, sympathy, etc.) and finally resorting to physical exercise and sport to relieve stress and improve overall health.

From Valtrum we invite you to keep calm after return from vacation. It is a matter of patience, time and keeping a good attitude, knowing that soon will come new and improved personal and work time for you. You can do it, cheer-up!

Have a Nice Week and See you next time!