DETOX DIET: Awareness and Measure

Detox DietDetox Diet is an interesting but delicate alternative to cleanse the body of toxins after periods of food excess. Vacation, trips, stressful seasons accompanied by poor diet, or just organizing ourselves to cleanse the body from time to time, are some of the reasons why we use this type of diet.

But let´s start by understanding what is and how a Detox Diet works: Detox or Purifying Diet is a type of diet that is done in short periods of time (never more than 3 days) and consists mainly in drinking fruit and vegetables juices prepared by ourselves to help the body eliminate toxins and accumulated waste. The goal is to clear the digestive and renal tract, stimulating and somehow “re-starting” the body after periods of food excess.

There is no a standard system of Detox Diet but there may be several possibilities: consume only freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices, consume those juices combined with the intake of lean protein, eliminate alcohol and caffeine, eliminate animal protein or simply stop the intake of refined and processed foods. The only thing to keep in mind at all times is that the Detox Diet, in all its versions, should not last more than three days.

Benefits of Detox Diet

It is extremely important to be aware that the Detox or Purifying Diet may be a double-edged sword if it´s not done properly, and always under the supervision of a specialist, being sure that we don´t have any nutritional deficiency.

In general, when we make a Detox Diet be very clear in the following aspects:

– A cleansing diet should never last more than three days

– We must choose the variety of detox diet that best suits our lifestyle

– It is not advisable to train or play sports while we make a detox diet, considering that we are not giving our body all the nutrients and calories, which will make us feel more weakened and this may affect our muscle mass

– Remember the emotional cost of such diets. We must make conscious and at peak times, never recurrently

– Listen to your body. If the detox diet is not doing us good, we must stop it immediately

– Let´s use the detox diet as a gateway to a healthy diet and a sustained healthy lifestyle over the time

Cleansing Diet

From Valtrum we remind you that the detox diet, although it is an interesting and punctual alternative, it is not the only option to be healthy. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, perseverance and patience are the best alternatives to reach a state of complete well-being. You can get it!.

Have a Nice Week and See you Next Time!