VITAMIN C: Re-Discovering its Benefits!

Vitamin CWe have Vitamin C as the best partner between seasons to prevent colds, but little is known of the many benefits it can bring to our body and our health in general.

Let´s start from the beginning: Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin required for normal growth and development of all body tissues. Our body doesn´t produce it, and therefore requires a constant supply of this vitamin as it is expelled through the urine, but this should not exceed 2000 mg daily. It is very important to include it in the daily diet.

Vitamin C has a number of important functions: On the one hand helps the formation of the protein that allows the production of skin, tendons, ligaments and blood vessels; on the other hand helps the healing of wounds and scar tissue formation; also repair and maintain cartilage, bones and teeth; and finally has a potent antioxidant action that blocks some of the damage caused by free radicals (snuff smoke, radiation, chemicals, and waste from the body) to help prevent accumulation and development of diseases like cancer, heart disease, arthritis and premature aging.

Benefits of Vitamin C

However, as we have said before, Vitamin C is often known primarily because it helps prevent colds, helping to avoid them, shorten them or even soothe their symptoms, as long as it is consumed regularly, not only when presented the cold.

It is very important to maintain the proper dose of vitamin C in the body (no more than 2000 mg a day). Excessive doses may cause stomach discomfort and diarrhea. Doses deficiency can bring health problems such as anemia, bleeding gums, poor ability to fight infection, poor wound healing, bruising, gingivitis, nosebleeds, dry skin and hair, joint pain and weakness in the enamel of the teeth.

In addition to soluble in water form or lozenges, we can find vitamin C in some foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Fruits that contain vitamin C include citrus, melon, mango, papaya, watermelon and strawberries. The vegetables are broccoli, red and green peppers, leafy vegetables (spinach, cabbage and turnip greens), white and sweet potato, and tomatoes.

Taking Vitamin C

From Valtrum we invite you to consciously include vitamin C in your daily diet, taking advantage of the many benefits it can bring to your health and your life, enjoying the foods in which it operates.

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