KINESIOLOGY: Movement for Health!

Kinesiología y SaludKinesiology has become an important health option in the field of alternative medicine, which increasingly has more followers who have experienced excellent results in their quality of life. But let´s understand a little better what it is exactly.

Kinesiology is a type of natural therapy that studies human movement and the complementation of the mechanical strains in the body, in order to detect diseases related to the movement to improve prevent, optimize and maintain the quality of life. This discipline assumes that mind and body are correlated, so the care of one of the two aspects benefits the other.

In Kinesiology the muscle tone and movement (or problems to realize them) are evaluated, thereby achieving identify in which area of the body is the issue that causes unbalance and affects the patient’s physical and emotional wellbeing.

Qué es la Kinesiología

The Kinesiologist is a specialist in psychomotor recovery and rehabilitation of the patient once the problem or blocked area is detected, prescribing a controlled physical activity therapy based in sorted, quantified and dosed movements. It also uses a combination of different treatment processes such as hot and cold therapy, acupuncture combined, ultrasound, electro stimulation, and overall the development of healthy lifestyles. Usually he doesn´t work with drug treatments, although in some cases he can enhance the effects of the therapy with the prescription of medical or nutritional professional complementary.

The Kinesiology procedure works as follows: the specialist makes a muscle test to the patient where he evaluates the quality of the response of different muscle groups. The muscles are related to different organs and functions of the human body, so when the muscle response is not the right is taken as an indication that the system that feeds it is locked or under stress. This test can detect dysfunctional areas and its impact on patient health. Once detected, the specialist defines a planned treatment that helps to rebalance the body, correcting poor conditions and disorders. After a period of work, the results of treatment are tested again with new muscle tests.

Beneficios de la Kinesiología

As we always comment, in Valtrum we are in favor of natural therapies as long as they provide wellbeing to people, and also with its combination with traditional medicine. In this sense, Kinesiology is an interesting alternative to discover that can bring numerous benefits to the overall health. We invite you to discover more about it, to deepen on its qualities and all the good things it can bring you.

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