FUN IN ELDERLY: A Matter of Perspective!

Diversión en la Tercera EdadFun in Elderly and at any stage of life, is fundamental to the full development of human existence. We all need to laugh and have a good time to drain the concerns of everyday life, but in old age this becomes a key to give meaning to our lives and make us better cope with the afflictions of age.

However, Fun in Elderly has a different, slower and mature character, but always with that charm that makes us smile at the most simple or profound things, which only have special meaning for each one of us. Each head is different, and consequently the concept of fun too.

We understand the Fun as all those activities that produce pleasure and achieve distract us from the worries and boredom, with the conditioning factor that they must always cause us joy. We all need to have fun to recover from the emotional and psychological exhaustion as well as to increase our health and general wellbeing. Among the benefits that Fun brings to our health we can mention that: improves breathing and circulation, strengthens the immune system, releases endorphins (which reduce or eliminate the pain), reduce stress and anxiety, develop a positive attitude towards life and finally it promotes self-esteem.

Actividades divertidas en la vejez

As we age, we feel the need for a less frenetic life style, mainly by physical and mental limitations that begin to appear. However, this new lifestyle doesn´t have to be boring, but invites us to rethink the concept of fun, accepting our reality with a positive attitude and being open to all the possibilities that this new stage can offer. It is essential to work hard on our attitude to life at this point.

Within this context, Fun in Elderly can be divided into four types of activities:

Socialization activities: All those that promote social contact and relationships. Re-encounters or hangouts with friends, walks with grandchildren, travel or family visits, are some of the social activities we can do.

Culture and Leisure activities: They are all those activities designed to enrich the mind and spirit. Among them we can include trips to the cinema or the theater, various courses (crafts, computers, painting, theater, etc.) hangouts to go dancing, to plan a cultural holiday, among others.

Physical and Exploration Activities: Keeping the body active is essential in the elderly, always in moderate proportions and with activities according to our fitness condition. In this group we include walks, excursions, playing sports (swimming, cycling, stretching, etc.), go to the gym, and all activities that have to do with keeping the body active.

Activities that break the routine: We all need to get out of the routine sometime to have that wonderful feeling of being alive. In the case of old age it is essential to do so, with activities such as giving an occasional treat, celebrate life and events relevant for the senior, do something different in everyday activities at least once a month, and in general those small pranks we all do to give us a moment of pleasure that fills our soul, always within the healthy range of course.

Divertirse en la vejez

From Valtrum we invite you to promote Fun in Elderly with your family members or people close to you that are also seniors. Life can be beautiful and fun at any age as long as we are willing to see it that way, accepting our reality and sharing these happy moments with our loved ones.

Have a Nice Week and See you Next Time!