KEEP DIET IN CHRISTMAS: A challenge to Consciense!

Mantener la Dieta en NavidadKeep Diet in Christmas may seem a crazy idea. However, if we make an effort and managed to control us, we can enjoy all the Christmas delights and keep the line.

The holidays necessarily involves food and alcohol excesses: meals, meetings, parties, etc. fill our agenda and our stomach, inevitably impacting on our health causing heartburn, digestive disorders and loss of control over our body weight. Therefore it is important that we make an effort to Keep Diet in Christmas.

Within this context, keep Diet in Christmas is a matter of planning and self-control. There is no forbidden Christmas dish. It is necessary simply to control the quantities and portions, enjoying consciously every moment and Christmas food.

Qué comer en navidad

Here are some tips to keep Diet in Christmas:

– When we go to buy Christmas products (nougat, marzipan, chocolates, dinner, meat, etc.), consider getting only those for the occasion, avoid buying too much. Only the ones needed for family meals, not to keep in the pantry throughout the month.

– Try to make 5 meals a day throughout the month, and don´t go to bed immediately after eating to prevent heartburn, reflux and heaviness.

– We can eat desserts and Christmas sweets, always with moderation and if possible only on special occasions, not every day.

– When we get whims or fancies, prefer to eat fruit, and if it is seasonal better. They will help to remove anxiety and its vitamins will protect our body from diseases.

– In meetings and parties with family or friends, try to entertain and enjoy the conversations, avoiding snacks and approach the table of sweets. Keep the appetite for main meals.

– Prefer white meat and fish instead of red meat. They have less fat and are healthier. And if possible join them with vegetables.

– Try to choose fruit for dessert. The season ones are delicious and they contain a lot of nutrients, essential for the body and also to promote digestion.

– Teas and infusions help maintain proper hydration, improve digestion and defenses, and also to reduce anxiety. They are highly recommended chamomile, mint and anise.

– Do moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages

– Try to maintain a healthy diet throughout the year, especially on December where we have more foods or meetings, so we can afford to fully enjoy the holiday food only when appropriate.

– As far as possible, maintain a routine of physical training and exercise throughout the month of December. It will help us maintain our health and also to remove toxins and fats in our body more quickly.

No engordar en Navidad

From Valtrum we invite you to enjoy the holidays with consciousness and keep Diet in Christmas. It is a wonderful time to share, be happy and enjoy life.

Have a Nice Week and See you Next Time!