Entranamiento para perder barrigaTraining to lose stomach fat is essential part of our sporting activity at different times in our lives and under many circumstances. Beyond the fact that we need body fat for the proper functioning of our body, the truth is that when it is placed in the abdomen and belly, besides affecting the overall aesthetics of our image, it can be a risk indicator to our health and our metabolism, so we must take seriously its control.

Body fat accumulates in the abdomen by a number of reasons: poor diet, excessive sedentary lifestyle, a strong wind stress, hormonal and endocrine problems, by heredity and finally caused by more specific health conditions. In this sense, although we can´t change our body’s predisposition to accumulate fat, we can do something about it, and training to lose stomach fat is key to its success.

The key to fight the fat accumulated in the belly area is in the efficient combination of a diet free of fat, sugar and calories, along with a complete work of physical training, which is not limited only to the abdominal area, but also combining aerobic work (to generate caloric expenditure) and muscular work (to strengthen muscles, improve posture and strengthen the basal metabolism).

In training to lose stomach fat, the most recommended exercises are usually the following:

CRUNCH: This type of exercise works the abdominal area, strengthening and toning it at once, and thus helping to reduce it.


SWIMG OF KETTLEBEL (RUSSIAN BALL): with these exercises we can strengthen the entire trunk area comprehensively.

Swimg de Kettlebel

SQUAT (With or without weight): A classic in training, it help burn fat fast and work simultaneously all the muscles of the body.


BURPEES: These compound exercises will force us to move many muscles at once, intensely working the abdominal area too.


SPARTAN PUSH: While we should take care of our position to prevent injury, it helps to speed up metabolism, strengthening the abdomen and promoting weight loss.

Flexiones Espartanas

JUMPING TO DRAWER: We can choose the height and type of support. The important thing is to work the jump and the cushioning of the fall after the jump. The more we jump, the more we will remove fat in the abdomen area.

Salto al Cajón

As we can see, we have many alternatives for an effective and result-oriented training to lose stomach fat. It’s all about to start as soon as possible, being consistent, taking care at all times of our body posture, and above all being consistent with our fitness and health condition.

From Valtrum we invite you to start working and taking care of your abdominal area, so that your quality of life and your image improve soon, and you can take full benefit of your sport activity. The time is now. Cheer up!.

Have a Nice Week and See you Next Time!