DANCING IN THE THIRD AGE: Fun, happiness and health!

Baile en la tercera edadDancing in the Third Age is a wonderful health alternative to regain fitness and enthusiasm in old age. It is an activity that perfectly combines physical exercise and social interaction, bringing therapeutic effects for the body and soul of our seniors.

In fact, dancing in the third age is part of the alternative therapies entering the new field of study that currently work psychologists, geriatricians and scientists to improve the quality of life of our seniors. Much remains to be done on this issue, but the good news is that they are making great progress to achieve it.

Some of the benefits of dancing in the third age are:

– Encourage social relationships and emotional contact

– Improves psychomotor coordination

– It activates the mind and brain, significantly improving memory

– It generates endorphins, which provide a general sense of wellbeing and happiness

– Strengthens muscles and improves posture

– Improved flexibility, balance, strength and mobility in general.

– Stimulates the functioning of the respiratory system

– Reduces the chance of developing chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, depression, joint pains and cardiac deficiencies.

Beneficios del baile en la vejez

It is important however to consider some caution when deciding to opt for dancing in the third age: we must choose the type of dance that best suits our physical and health condition, always with the approval of our doctor. It is also very important to do this activity with suitable clothing and footwear to prevent falls or injuries. And above all, we must initiate us into the dance with a positive and non-judgmental attitude, not in order to compete and develop it professionally but with the idea of have fun and enjoy. It is important that family and close environment share this assessment, so that they can support seniors in their performance of the activity.

When choosing the style of dance to perform in the elderly, we have several options: we can do ballroom dancing, Latin rhythms, zumba or dance therapy, sevillanas or even ballet for seniors. The possibilities are many, and the choice of activity will depend on availability, our physical condition and especially our liking. The important thing in any case is to choose something that excites and motivates us, so we can run our best, and enjoy it plenty.

Beneficios de la danza para los mayores

From Valtrum we invite you to dance and be happy in old age… to take advantage of all the benefits dancing in the third age can bring to you, always complemented with a diet and healthy lifestyle. Feeling good goes beyond time and age. It’s about attitude!.

Have a nice week and See you next time!