Entrenar TricepsTriceps training should be a fundamental part of our physical training, not only for aesthetic reasons but for providing strength and tone to the muscles of our arms.

Triceps are the muscles in the back side of the arm, and they are the ones that give volume and shape to it. Therefore, Triceps training helps give volume to the arm and prevent sagging in the area (the famous “Bat Wings”).

There are many great exercises to train the Triceps. However, these are the most common:

TRICEPS PUSH: push-ups for triceps are the same as for pectoral, only placing your hands directly under shoulders, keeping your elbows close to the body and looking back. They can be supported on the knees or toes.

Flexiones para Triceps

DIPPINGS: They are made with hands resting on the edge of a bench with fingers forward, arms sticking well to the body, the hips outside the bench, placing your feet on the ground and keeping your knees bent or stretched. We must go up and down with the body, bending the elbows and pushing with your hands.


TRICEPS KICKING WITH DUMBELL: Leaning the top of the body forward , relying on one of our legs, use a dumbbell with proper weight to our physical condition to move the arm forward or backward, alternating arms.

Patadas de triceps con mancuernas

VERTICAL EXTENSION OF ELBOW WITH DUMBELL (sitting or standing): Picking up a dumbbell with one or two hands, while sitting or standing, climb and descend the dumbbell extending the elbows so that they are behind the neck, while maintaining contracted abs so that the back is not arching.

Extensión vertical de codos con mancuernas

Regardless of the Triceps training exercise we decide to practice, we must be careful that it is appropriate to our physical condition and health, choosing between doing many repetitions with low weight or doing less repetitions with more weight, always according to our circumstances. We all can and must train our arms; we must only do it in the right way and with awareness.

Coaches and experts, however, give us a number of general recommendations Triceps training:

– First of all we must care for our technique to avoid injury: We must always keep the abdomen and be careful to do not arch our back under any circumstances; elbows must also always work closed or near the trunk.

– We will use the load weight appropriate to our physical condition, without abusing of it, since it could directly affect the technique.

– We must not overtrain our triceps. Remember that it is a small muscle that can easily get fatigued, and also takes a long time to recover.

– Let’ s do a Triceps training concentrated and slow, taking care of making complete and controlled routes.

– It is important to vary the movements, so that the muscle doesn´t get used and continue getting tone.

– It´s important to rest. We should not work every day the same muscle.

– We must always complement all of our training with a healthy and balanced diet.

Por qué entrenar triceps

From Valtrum, we invite you to make a Triceps training conscientiously and responsibly, taking advantage of the aesthetic and mobility that can bring benefits to our muscles, and ultimately as part of a general condition of health and wellness.

Have a nice week and See you next time!