UNCARIA TOMENTOSA: Discovering its Properties!

Uncaria TormentosaUncaria tomentosa or Cat’s Claw is currently one of the most popular plants within the world of natural medicine. Its many properties have given its worldwide fame, making it increasingly used in improving and treatment of many diseases.

Uncaria tomentosa is a climbing plant of medicinal use native of Peru. It grows in the Andes Mountains, and has curved thorns on the stem that give it its famous name “Cat’s Claw”, which are the ones it uses to hook into the trees. It is used since ancient times by indigenous tribes to cure many diseases, but it was not until 40 years ago that it emerged strongly in modern medicine and its use has spread worldwide.

From Uncaria tomentosa we mainly use the bark and root, because it contains 7 types of oxindole alkaloids which are precisely those that give this plant its healing and preventive properties. This plant usually comes in four forms: liquid extracts, capsules, candies and bark (dried or ground).

Uña de Gato  Corteza de Uña de Gato

Although there are no published clinical trials that recognize the real effects of Uncaria tomentosa, WHO has recognized the properties of alkaloids contained in this plant,  their immune and antiinflammatory capacity and its action on diseases such as leukemia, tumors, ulcers , infections, and arthritis.

Overall, the Uncaria tomentosa is highly recommended to treat the following conditions:

– Chronic pain conditon

– Normalization of immune functions

– Infections of all kinds

– Blood Clotting

– Arthritic and inflammatory processes

– General weakness and convalescence

– Wound Healing in general

– Stomach and intestinal disorders

Beneficios de la Uncaria Tomentosa

Either way, the use of natural medicine, and in this case the Uncaria tomentosa, should always be done under medical prescription and as a complement to traditional medicine.

The Uncaria tomentosa is one of the components of our product, and therefore from Valtrum we invite you to get to know its properties and enjoy its many benefits.

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