SPRING ALLERGIES: Enemy of Good Weather!

Alergias PrimaveralesSpring Allergies are part of the seasonal change experienced by the planet once a year. An period characterized by the powerful pollination that generates in the air a number of substances and microorganisms that affect in greater or lesser extent the health of people, depending on their degree of immune sensitivity to them.

We understand Spring Allergies as the overreaction of the body to any substance perceived as harmful. The reaction of the immune system against these substances is what we know as allergy. During Spring, trees, plants and flowers give off pollen, which together with the dust, feathers of animals, insects and animal parasites are the main cause of allergies in this season.

Causas de las Alergias Primaverales

Spring Allergies manifest with the following symptoms:

– Itchy nose and eyes

– Tearing and discomfort when receiving light in eyes

– Runny nose and nasal congestion

– Beats cough

– Suffocation

– Tiredness after performing moderate exercise

– Redness of the skin

In the presence of spring allergies and its symptoms, it is essential to consult a specialist doctor (in these case an allergist), who after a series of tests will help us find the cause of the allergy and how we can remedy it.

Treatment of this type of allergies offers us two alternatives: one is the traditional medicine, which is based on the prescription antihistamines; and the other is the natural medicine, using treatments such as homeopathy and acupuncture to improve symptoms of spring allergies.

Tratamiento de las Alergias Primaverales

In addition to put ourselves in the hands of health professionals to remedy spring allergies, there are a number of simple actions that, while treatment takes effect, we can do to better cope with the annoying symptoms of allergies:

– Be interested in knowing what are the different types of pollen that exist, which is the one that affects us directly and where it is found.

– Avoid contaminated environments and spaces where there are snuff and smoke.

– In pollen season, avoid outdoor activities (outings to the park, outdoor sports, etc.).

– Preferring wet days instead of dry and windy ones, as the first help to remove traces of pollen that are in the air, giving us feeling of wellbeing.

-Taking much care of cleaning the household textiles, removing dust and pollen from carpets, curtains, draperies, etc.

– Keep as possible the house windows closed, so that no pollen and dust can get inside.

– Avoid taking out the clothes to dry in the sun and change it frequently to prevent accumulation of dust and pollen in it.

– Some natural plants like Cat’s Claw, Noni, Plantain and Helichrysum have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties that can make us much good to fight allergies.

Combatir las Alergias Primaverales

Spring is definitely a beautiful and much needed time for nature. But if you are part of the people who are affected by processes of pollination it is essential that you prepare in the best way to deal with them. From Valtrum we hope our advice will help you to start the way to achieve your wellbeing and enjoy this beautiful time of year free of spring allergies.

Have a Nice week and See you next time!