ELDERLY AND SPRING: Renewing Energies

Spring and ElderlyElderly and Spring are two contexts which together involve welfare, joy and optimism for life. Our seniors find in the good weather a revival of their social and physical possibilities, that we should always enhance, always taking appropriate precautions to avoid any injury or accident.

Good weather and sunshine are natural sources of energy that brings vitality at any age. In the case of our seniors, this effect is magnified, directly influencing in their leisure activities and changing their daily routines. In this sense, the elderly and spring go together as one of the best alternatives to inject optimism and improve the provision of our seniors towards life in general.

The good spring weather allow mainly moving the everyday life of our elders outside, being highly recommended to bring routine activities such as reading, crafts, games, social gatherings and informal meetings outdoors, in open spaces where they can enjoy the sun and the beauty of nature. Training or physical activity outdoor are also highly recommended, always performing activities according to the condition of the senior, without over charging its body.

Ancianos en Primavera

However, with regard to the elderly and spring we should also take some precautions. Recall that spring brings pollination and flowering trees, plants and flowers, and inevitably the emergence of allergies and respiratory diseases that can affect people of any age. In the case of older adults, given their delicate condition proper of age, asthma and allergies are often the greatest threat to their spring enjoyment.

Asma y Alergia en la vejez

As a general rule, seniors who are affected by seasonal allergies or asthma episodes at this time of year, often have trouble breathing, feel chest tightness and chronic cough. These symptoms can always alleviate by medical specialists who will offer the best alternatives to overcome and control them, and will also get seniors to enjoy all the other benefits that spring and good weather can bring to their physical and emotional health.

Disfrutar de la Primavera en la vejez

From Valtrum we believe that elderly and spring must go hand in hand, and that is very important to focus our efforts on improving the quality of life of our seniors, taking advantage of the benefits that good weather can offer them. With simple activities and always taking care of their health and physical integrity, we can improve their mood and make them a little happier.

Have a nice week and See you next time!