Importancia de las VacacionesTake vacations is a matter of vital importance for the proper development of life of modern man. This time out, no matter how short it may be, brings a number of benefits to our physical and emotional health, that far from being underestimated must be highly valued to lead a full and happy life.

Vacations are those days in the year (national and international holidays, Christmas, summer, etc.) that people who work or study use to develop leisure activities for a period of time. It has been scientifically proven that they exist primarily to help us prevent stress and other psycho-emotional disorders, as well as to increase our productivity and performance throughout the year.

Por qué tomar vacaciones

As we know, rest is an essential biological and mental necessity after long working hours. The body and mind need to rest periodically for their regeneration and proper operation, which we do every night when we sleep, but still this is not enough. As vacations are longer periods of time, they really allow us to disconnect from the pressure and work environment, favoring a sustained and really effective rest.

When taking vacations, these are influenced by factors such as personal taste, availability and budget. In this sense, there is no best or worst vacation, but those that work best and fit our needs. The important thing is that we manage relax and rest, without timetables or pressures that overwhelm us.

It is essential to learn to vacation and the best way to do it is to plan ahead of time what we will do, choosing destination and activities, leaving our work activities coordinated in our absence.

Vacaciones y salud

To take a vacation, there are always welcome some basic tips:

– Do not bring work with you (or at least carry as little as possible)

– Divide the vacation days throughout the year in a balanced way

– Get away from the routine

– Sleep and rest the most

– Exploit to practice hobbies, sport and physical activity

– Share with family and friends beyond the workplace

– Disconnect from the everyday

From Valtrum we invite you to take the vacation as something serious for your life, to plan them carefully and always thinking about your welfare. Remember that it is not a matter of luxury or extravagance, but of doing what you truly allow to rest and regain strength for life.

Have a nice week and See you next time!