PRE-SUMMER TRAINING: Getting ready for Vacation!

Entrenamiento pre-veranoPre-Summer Training is one of the main obsessions at this time of year. We all want to get to vacation with our best physical condition to enjoy the good weather, fresh clothes and showing off at the beach or pool.

In this sense, pre-summer training should have two very concrete objectives: on one hand, help us lose weight; and on the other, help us to strengthen and tone our body.

However, we must be aware that there are no miracles in two months: we will fail to radically change our body in such a short time. But we can improve our appearance and reinforce a sense of general wellbeing that will help us feel good about ourselves during the summer. Achieving this goal requires hard work, both in the gym and at home.

A pre-summer training doesn´t have to be extreme or demolishing. By working simple and traditional routines we can achieve a good physical shape, which ultimately is what we want at this point and with summer around the corner.

It is important to train at least 3 times a week, combining aerobic exercises with the work specific areas of the body (legs, abs, chest and arms). We insist that routines do not have to be killer. With classic training exercises we can get good results, as long as we do them in a right way and steadily. Here are some of them:

Aerobics Exercises: we can choose the ones we like best between running, jumping, cycling, making elliptical or just walking. The goal is to lose fat. It is recommended to do them at least 20 minutes or half an hour each day of training.

Ejercicios aeróbicos

Legs Exercises: the classics are squats and strides. The aim of these exercises is to tone the muscles of the legs.

Ejercicios de piernas

Abs Exercises: although there is much variety of exercises for abdominal focused on specific areas, the more traditional and never missing are the crunch and lateral trunk rotations. Likewise, the aim is to tone the abdominal area.


Chest Exercises: without complicating life too much, we can work the simple push-ups, with open arms shoulder level, choosing to work them with knees or feet flat.

Ejercicios de Pecho

Arms Exercises: we can work biceps, triceps and shoulders with small weights in the appropriate way to our physical condition (try that are not less than 2 kg). If we make a lot of reps with low weight we can get a good tone in our arms.


Remember that working double doesn´t give double result; more is not always better. The simple but effective routines will always be a sure path to success. It is very important to tailor the exercise to our lifestyle, and supplement the physical activity with a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

From Valtrum we invite you to make a conscious and responsible pre-summer training, remembering that beyond the physical image we can enjoy vacation with health and optimism. Train to maintain a state of health and wellness that lasts all year, not just for the summer months.

Have a Nice week and See you next time!