KEEPING DIET IN SUMMER: A challenge of awareness!

Mantener la dieta en veranoKeeping diet in summer is a real challenge of self-discipline and awareness. High temperatures, changes in routine, and the state of relaxation and fun proper of vacations, inevitably influence the way we eat, so we feel the need to make responsible changes in our diet to maintain it.

Keeping diet in summer goes through to face two key processes: on one hand the heat and sun exposure makes us lose vitamins and minerals, so we must keep our body nourished and hydrated to cope it. On the other hand, there appear the called “summer food excesses” that are foods rich in sugars and carbohydrates, alcohol and increased salt intake; they influence significantly affecting our diet.

We must face each process in a different but complementary way if we want to keep diet in summer. Here are some tips:

  • To maintain the vitamins and minerals of our body we must:

– Drink plenty of fluids to re-supply the water we lost by the heat

– Include foods with vitamins and minerals to recover the ones we lost with sweat: fresh fruits and vegetables.

– Heat tends to make us lose appetite, so it is advisable to eat cold dishes and preparations that refresh us and also taste good (soups, smoothies and cold salads)

– We must eat frequently in small amounts, taking care to do not spend more than 3 hours without eating anything.

– Helping our skin is important, and we will get it eating foods rich in vitamin A and beta carotene such as carrots, watermelons, tomatoes and orange or pink vegetables

– We must care for the refrigeration of food, especially meat (to prevent infection and bacteria)

Qué comer en verano

  • To cope with the “Excesses of Summer” we must:

– Try as much as possible to respect the meal times, avoiding eating or drinking in excess out of hours or skip meals.

– Let´s include the most vegetables we can in the meals. A hamburger, sandwich or barbecue can always go accompanied by vegetables (lettuce, pepper, tomato, etc.)

– Substitute as much as possible sandwiches or burgers by salads

– If we have to eat bread, try to choose them whole wheat or fiber-rich grains

– If we have to eat ice cream or soda, choose the “light” versions of the same.

– Prefer healthy snacks: yogurt with fruit, cereal bars, nuts and vegetable chips.

– Let´s make the dinner lighter, so that we can better digest all small excesses that we have allowed us during the day.

comer sano en verano

From Valtrum we invite you to follow these simple tips so you can keep your diet in the summer. It is a matter of not losing your head, combining consciously and responsibly fun, relaxation and healthy eating. If we add to all this physical activity, it is more than likely that we can manage and maintain our figure while we enjoy an incredible vacation in summer.

Have a nice week and See you next time!