PRECAUTIONS IN THE SUN: A matter of Health!

Precauciones bajo el SolPrecautions in the sun are the main element that we must take care with the arrival of summer. At this time of year, the sun shines longer and more intensely, bringing positive effects like the feeling of well-being and improved levels of vitamin D, as well as negative effects as its direct impact on the skin and body temperature.

When we talk about precautions in the sun we talk about two key elements: its impact on the skin (which can cause burns and sunstroke) and the emergence of heatstroke. Both can significantly affect our health during the summer, so we must take actions to prevent its effects.

But let’s start by understanding how they can affect us:

  • Effects of Sun in Skin:

The sun emits two types of rays: infrared (that simply generate heat) and ultraviolet (with ionizing radiation that directly affects the skin). The skin naturally defends itself from UV rays with a pigment called melanin, but the amount varies with the tone and skin type of each person.

That is why we must give the skin an extra protection against the sun, using products with the appropriate protection factor that allows us to leverage its benefits without harm us.

Proteger la piel del sol

  • About heatstroke:

Heat strokes are violent increases in body temperature that occur when the body alone can´ t be regulated.

The main influence are the high temperature and humidity, so that direct exposure to solar radiation is not necessary a cause.

We must be alert to signs such as dizziness, excessive sweating, redness and dryness of skin, rapid heart rate, headaches and disorientation.

Prevenir un Golpe de Calor

In general, precautions in the sun to attend both conditions are as follows:

– We must take the sun gradually, never in one sitting.

– It is important to always use sun protection creams suitable to our skin, even on cloudy days or in the shade.

– We will apply sun protection creams half an hour before sun exposure, repeating every two hours and always after hitting the water.

– Avoid sun exposure at radiation peak hours (12 to 16h)

– We will not expose to the sun if we are taking photosensitive or phototoxic drugs

– We must always take a shower with fresh and sweet water and deeply moisturize our skin after sunbathing.

– We will not take the sun if we have consumed alcoholic beverages or coffee because it increases the risk of dehydration.

– We will protect our body using appropriate clothing, hats and polarized glasses to avoid sunstroke.

– We will have extra care when making sport and physical activity outdoors, controlling the effort and always protecting our skin.

Combatir los efectos del sol

From Valtrum we invite you to fully enjoy the summer, taking all these precautions in the sun so your skin and your overall health work perfectly. Summer is a perfect time for conscious fun, and we are sure that with a little effort you can get.

Have a nice week and See you next time!