POST-HOLIDAY STRESS: A recurring enemy

Valtrum-SantoremedioPost-Holiday Stress has gone on to become a fixed element assumed after enjoying a holiday or rest period. While it is not a formal disease, it is affecting more and more people, so we should understand it and learn to manage it.

Post-Holiday Stress, also known as post-holiday depression or syndrome, is an adaptive process that generates a feeling of anxiety or emotional pressure to return and re-adapt to labor or student work after a holiday period. It´s appearance is related to personal and socio-cultural values that we have about job.

The main cause of the occurrence of post-holiday stress is the impact of the return to pre-life schedules, responsibilities, obligations and habits we had before the period of rest.


The post-holiday stress creates physical and emotional symptoms: malaise, anxiety, depression, decreased performance, palpitations, sweating, increased heart rate and breathing, tremors and mood swings.

While it is true that some or all of these symptoms may be present for a few days after resuming routine, if they are prolonged for more than a couple of weeks is an indication that something is wrong, that we might have this disorder and might need medical help to fight it. We must be very vigilant in this regard.

There is no magical way to avoid post-holiday stress. However we can take some measures to prevent and cope better with it: Let’s schedule the return in an advance and relaxed way, to prepare ourselves mentally and physically to start work (never return the immediately preceding day before start working). Let’s start work gradually, from less to more, never suddenly and in an intense way. Let´s try to resume a regular schedule of activity and rest as soon as possible. The moderate daily exercise will help us to channel stress. Let´s enjoy the moments of relaxation that the working environment allows. And finally let´s work in a positive and proactive attitude towards work and life in general.

Valtrum Santoremedio

From Valtrum we invite you to return to work stomping, with enthusiasm and energy, so that the post-holiday stress can´t win you. Only you can control it and only you have control of your life, so go ahead !.

Have a nice week and See you next time!