PELVIC FLOOR: A Musculature to consider!

Suelo PélvicoThe pelvic floor muscles are a very important for the normal functioning of our body. Usually this group of muscle are downplayed or even associated with the woman’s life (pregnancy and old age). However, they play a decisive role for everyone, so it is important to know them and work them correctly.

The pelvic floor is the group of muscles and ligaments that close the abdominal cavity at the bottom, and its function is to hold the pelvic organs in the proper position for their proper operation (bladder, urethra, uterus, vagina and rectum).

It is not a rigid musculature but rather adapts to our movement and postural changes, holding the organs within the pelvis. However, the pelvic floor may be weakened by a number of factors such as muscle predisposition, obesity, performing certain sports, menopause, pregnancy and postpartum.

Cuidar el Suelo Pélvico

This weakness of Pelvic Floor brings unpleasant consequences such as urinary incontinence, prolapses (falling intra-abdominal organs), back pain, sexual dysfunction and generalized discomfort. It is therefore very important to work it and keep it toned.

To tone and strengthen the pelvic floor, the best is to perform Kegel exercises, which are specific to work the pelvic floor. Also it is often made Hipopresive abdominal gymnastics working the abdominal muscles without hurting the pelvic floor. Pilates is also helpful to work these muscles.

It is important always to have the help of specialized professionals when it comes to tone our pelvic floor, and in this sense physiotherapists play a decisive role.

From Valtrum we invite you to become aware of the importance of your pelvic floor, to take care of it and keep it toned, so you can avoid annoying problems it that can bring because its malfunction, and lead a full and active life at all stages of your life.

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