VEGETABLE MILKS: Health and Taste for you!

Beneficios de la Leche VegetalVegetable milks are increasingly becoming part of everyone’s diet. But many times we take them because they are a trendy health alternative and not because we know in reality what their real benefits are.

Vegetable milks are beverages that come from vegetable sources and look very similar to animal milk. However they are made from certain varieties of nuts, cereals and seeds mixed with water and other ingredients that improve their flavor and add nutritional value. The most popular are almonds, rice, oats and soy, and are available on the market in a variety of brands; they can also be handcrafted at home.

It is important to emphasize that vegetable milk is an alternative to animal milk when people has problems with the latter (because they don`t like the taste, is allergic to its proteins or is not stomach tolerated) and also when it can´t be taken for ideological or religious reasons.

Por qué tomar leche vegetal

Vegetable milks are obtained by soaking different cereals, legumes and nuts, which are squeezed to obtain their juice. In this regard, the properties of the resulting milk will depend on the composition of the starting food. It also has the influence on its nutritional value of the percentage of water and added sugar, as well as whether or not they are enriched with vitamins.

In terms of caloric content, vegetable milk is similar to semi-skimmed milk. The difference would be in fats, since those in animal milk are saturated while those in vegetable milk are non-polyunsaturated.

The benefits of vegetable milks are its high water content, its low calories, its protein richness, unsaturated fats, no cholesterol or lactose, high in fiber and high in magnesium. Their limitations are that they can have a large amount of sugar, glucose or fructose (depending on their composition), they can also affect some vegetarian diets when they are enriched with vitamins, and finally decrease the calcium intake and have low protein quality.

Leches Vegetales

Recall that vegetable milk and animal milk are not comparable at a nutritional level, so it is not necessarily better or healthier. It is simply an alternative for those who can´t drink animal milk, so it is very important to consume it consciously and in moderate amounts.

From Valtrum we invite you to enjoy the delicious flavor of vegetable milks, taking full advantage of its benefits, always with conscience and as a health alternative.

Have a nice week and See you next time!