Comer Sano en NavidadEating healthy at Christmas can seem like an impossible mission if we take into account the number of meetings and social commitments associated with the food we have in these special dates. However, with a little effort and without depriving us of anything, we can achieve it and at the same time enjoy Christmas.

The basis for eating healthy at Christmas lies in three fundamental elements: on the one hand, let´s try to reduce as much as possible the fat content and increase the nutritional value of food. We should also try to compensate for the consumption of calories, eating some healthier foods and other more caloric, never just the caloric ones as we would increase calories excessively. And finally work a lot on self-control and moderation, which will be what really makes us restrain ourselves from committing excess of food at Christmas.

Then, we also have basic nutritional recommendations for any time of the year, but they charge special strength to eat healthy at Christmas:

Alimentación saludable en navidad

Let’s practice small “tricks” for our mind, serving the entrees in a dish (not eating them one at a time where we have no control), eating everything in a small plate (which will give us the sensation of being full of appetizing things) and the classic chew the food a lot (to send our brain the signal that we are satisfied).

It is important to eat small portions and not much of a single food, trying to have on our plate a little of everything and cover all the food groups. Let´s try to include salad in our plate, and preferably fish instead of red meat. Avoid butter as much as possible, too creamy sauces and junk food in general. Let’s also prefer the desserts that don´t have too much sugar, and if possible choose fruit instead. Accompanying the meal with wholemeal bread is also recommended.

Cómo comer sano en navidad

With a little conscience we can enjoy the holidays and eat healthy at Christmas. It is not necessary to submit ourselves to tortuous diets, and from Valtrum we invite you to try to implement these simple tips. We know it is difficult, but also that you can get it.

Happy Holidays!